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I think it is very important to schedule lessons at the same hour each week, and for the same amount of time, to get students into a routine. It brings the work we are doing into sharp focus during that window so we can be productive and progress at a steady pace.

Because all students have different obligations and varying activities during school holidays, qStudios follows the SD61 school year calendar. When school is in session, lessons are on, and when school is on a break, the studio is closed. It makes life easy to schedule and gives students some much needed downtime throughout the year.

This year I am teaching on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30 until about 7. The time slots were already half full by mid summer, so if you think you might be interested you should get in touch right away. Below I outline how many lessons are in each term based on enrolment day so you can see how they shape up when following the SD61 holiday schedule.

Ready to take the next step in your musicianship? Send me a note and we can discuss a custom program just for you. There is no other trumpet studio with a better track record for success. Every tool you need to improve is right here waiting for you.

Lessons By day

Term 1: 15 Lessons ending Dec 15
Term 2: 22 Lessons ending June 14

Total: 37


Term 1: 14 Lessons ending Dec 16
Term 2: 22 Lessons ending June 15

Total: 36


Term 1: 15 Lessons ending Dec 17
Term 2: 22 Lessons ending June 16

Total: 37