Student Listening Notes

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Talking Points

The Music: What style of music is being played? What type of group is performing? Have you played any music like this before? What feelings does this music evoke?

The Performance: What type of trumpet is being played? Is there something spectacular about this performance? Do you see any interesting techniques being used? How would you describe this performer’s trumpet sound

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  1. Scott

    Hargrove is playing in a combo which is just a rhythm section behind him. He is playing with a very bright sound which is noticeable especially when he hits the high notes as they just shine above all of the lower notes. The way he articulates with a wide-variety of different articulations makes the music more interesting. This number is very quick which shows off quick articulations, quick thinking in his improvisation, and his great dexterity on the instrument. He is clearly very virtuosic.

  2. pun Siripun

    He is playing this piece with a piano, drums and double bass accompaniment. He started the piece with a more gentle feel, his sound was mellow and he played in the lower registers. As he started to improvise, his sound started to get brighter and he hit many high notes and did many high running notes. He is articulating rather heavily and the piece became a lively, fun jazzy piece as he proceed on the play some really high notes.

  3. nate Elmes

    His tone is very bright and noticeable. The band behind him is playing with him, but not so loud that it over powers the trumpet. The trumpet is improvising, but the entire band takes turns improvising. towards the beginning he is trilling on one note and staying there. The piece tends to stay in the higher range. In the upper register it is very loud and has a very bright sound.

  4. freya

    he started with the melody and they repeated it once or twice than he started to improvise. his sound is very loud and clear there is no vibrato. when he plays higher his face gets red because he’s is compressing so much air through the trumpet.

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