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Remember to leave your comments below to fulfill your weekly listening assignment. Read past comments and try to point out something that has not yet been noticed.

Talking Points

The Music: What style of music is being played? What type of group is performing? Have you played any music like this before? What feelings does this music evoke?

The Performance: What type of trumpet is being played? Is there something spectacular about this performance? Do you see any interesting techniques being used? How would you describe this performer’s trumpet sound

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  1. Taylor

    Wow! That was a great performance! His tone on his notes was crisp and clear. His Part was memorized and well rehearsed. The slurs and articulations were very clear and there was no sound where there shouldn’t be. His air flow was great with no hiccups. I would say it looked perfect to me. The music was really uplifting quick and happy. Was the trpet a piccalo ttumpet? It looked smaller than any I have ever seen!

  2. Jarod

    After listening to the original played on flute I find this recording to be played faster than traditionally played. On the flute this would be a standard piece of repertoire but on the trumpet it goes into the extreme of our rage. It was very energetic and fun sounding in the way it was played and composed.

  3. freya

    very fast his articulation was very crisp and the sound was on point. the piccolo trumpet is very small which creates a very high pitched sound and it needs an extra valve to get to the lower notes. he is playing in such a high register that he doesn’t run out of air that fast. you can tell how much work he has put in to the song.

  4. Rupert

    He is playing very high on a trumpet with 4 valves (we call this a piccolo trumpet). He is changing notes very quickly. He is playing solo with a symphony orchestra accompaniment. He is playing with very tight lips (embouchure) and is moving very little no matter how many notes he plays. He is playing with the 4th valve to get lower notes (because his piccolo trumpet is pitched so high).

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