Student Listening Notes

Remember to leave your comments below to fulfill your weekly listening assignment. Read past comments and try to point out something that has not yet been noticed.

Talking Points

The Music: What style of music is being played? What type of group is performing? Have you played any music like this before? What feelings does this music evoke?

The Performance: What type of trumpet is being played? Is there something spectacular about this performance? Do you see any interesting techniques being used? How would you describe this performer’s trumpet sound

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  1. Rupert

    He is playing a very small trumpet (piccolo trumpet). It has four valves to make it possible to play lower notes, even though it is an octave higher than normal. The first time that he plays the melody, it very straight forward and simple. When he plays it the last time he add extra pizzaz and zest to it (in baroque music these are called ornaments).

    I would describe his sound as very high and rich. The music sounds like you would have in a national anthem or march.

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