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Talking Points

The Music: What style of music is being played? What type of group is performing? Have you played any music like this before? What feelings does this music evoke?

The Performance: What type of trumpet is being played? Is there something spectacular about this performance? Do you see any interesting techniques being used? How would you describe this performer’s trumpet sound

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  1. Nicola

    She is playing a song written originally to be sung, but arranged for the trumpet, violin and harp. She plays the melody then plays a counter melody after the violin comes in. This is not a jolly Christmas song, it is more somber and reflective.

    She plays very smoothly, very connected notes. Very subtle vibrato on the long notes, she starts the notes cold then adds vibrato at the end. She is playing a C trumpet, you can tell by the length of the main slide.

  2. dylan

    It is a trupet solo backed by a harp and a violin. She is play very smoothly on a C trumpet. It is a somber winter song that sounds very refective like it is played when thinking of the year past.

  3. Inwoo

    She is playing the music very gracefully , calmly, and cleanly. Also, the violin and harp blends in very nicely with the trumpet, and one instrument doesn’t overpower another. I am not an expert on the different types of trumpets, but the bell part looks longer than the one on my trumpet. I think the music itself was purposely written to sound blue, but it still does sound a little bit like Christmas

  4. Scott

    Tine Thing at the beginning is playing the melody with the harp accompaniment. In the middle of the piece, the violin has the melody with a harp accompaniment again, then the trumpet comes in playing a countermelody. Then she switches with the violin and takes the melody giving the countermelody to the violin. She is able to play incredibly smooth which allows for a very calm sound. The blend that is coming from all three instruments makes it so that not one instrument sticks out.

  5. Julian

    she almost doesn’t sound like a trumpet because it sounded softer the you would normally expect. her playing was very smooth. you can tell she is playing a c trumpet because of the length of the tuning slide. i liked it because it sounded smoother.

  6. Cam

    I have never heard a professional trumpet player before, so I think that it is amazing how controlled and effortless this sounds. This sounds very smooth as she switches between notes and sounds very full. She is playing C trumpet.

  7. Bob Sherman

    I am a trumpeter, and I regard this as one of the most purely beautiful performances ever. All three players are magnificent and totally immersed the the music. Helseth’s soft playing (difficult) is supremely musical. It just doesn’t get better than this.

    For those who are interested in such things, she is playing a Bach C trumpet with a Bach 1 1/4C mouthpiece.

  8. freya

    her tone was very graceful and smooth and when she played it sounded effortless she had a lot of control and a very good performer.

  9. Rupert

    I thought her notes flow together very well. As she plays I noticed that her lips do not move around very much, very steady. She is playing a higher pitched trumpet that I play (hers is in the key of C).

    I thought it was very good, I had never heard that song before.

  10. Finn

    She is very good. They play together in time, and the trumpet is very responsive and resonates right away. Her notes are really connected, sometimes slurring but sometimes with her tongue.

  11. Londyn

    Her playing is very smooth and flowing. She softens the sound with vibrato. She is using subtle articulation that sounds almost like slurring. She is playing a C trumpet.

  12. thomaso19601

    I would like to get the music for these three instruments. Does anyone know where I can find this arrangement?

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