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Talking Points

The Music: What style of music is being played? What type of group is performing? Have you played any music like this before? What feelings does this music evoke?

The Performance: What type of trumpet is being played? Is there something spectacular about this performance? Do you see any interesting techniques being used? How would you describe this performer’s trumpet sound

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  1. Anna

    This is a jazz quintet. This is an amazing improv solo. He is switching between registers constantly. His technique and fundamentals are so strong that he is able to improvise at a higher level than most people are able to play at. He is using pitch bending. I heard a lot of unexpected and surprising things.

  2. Jarod

    This is a jazz quintet. Good use of dynamics. His sound is very clear. He is using notes from all different registers in the same breath. He is not reading any music, he is improvising. How do you play so high like that?? His high notes are very clear, it is so clear it almost sounds like a synthesizer. Amazing.

  3. Pun

    This is Wynton Marsalis’ Jazz Quintet. He is playing with an airy sound, very jazzy sound. He has a thick solid mouthpiece, looks like it is built into the trumpet. He is playing with a huge range of slurs, with lots of running notes. In the upper register when he holds a long note he uses very wide vibrato. He uses lots of note bending in the end of his solo, especially in the low register.

  4. Scott

    In the upper register Marsalis’ sound is bright whereas in the lower register his sound is whispy. His articulation is incredibly clear and he is able to play extremely high notes extremely well. In other words his range flexibility is amazing. A true virtuoso.

  5. Nicola Champoux

    Wynton Marsalis’ Jazz Quintet is superb. I am unsure of what trumpet he is playing but the mouthpiece is very thick and looks welded or joined with his trumpet. His improvisation skills are absolutely tremendous and his range seems impossible. His intonation is extremely clear and his use of vibrato is magnificent. His ability to slur such high and low notes together shows his breath control and practice! His fast fingering shows his off talent. He also blends his notes and pitches making it very jazzy. I’ve improvised before but this is something else and to aspire to!

    1. Timothyquinlan

      Thanks for the responses everyone. For info on Wynton’s mouthpiece and trumpet choice you can find lots of info and videos here at Dave Monette’s website:

  6. Dylan

    This is a jazz quintet and the trumpet is a b flat trumpet. Stuning improve solo thats higher than most people can even play. The high notes sound bright when the lower notes sound jazzy almost like they’re slightly muffled. Alround amazing performance.

  7. Nathan

    He is playing jazz in a quintet with a b-flat trumpet. I would describe his sound as a little bit airy, or smokey but when he started really getting to the high register, his sound went from soft and airy to bright and strong.

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