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qPress: New Music for Trumpet. Immediate Digital Downloads

The Digital Lifestyle

qPress started as a natural offshoot of the Reveille Trumpet Collective. We work with composers to help facilitate the composition of new music for trumpet, and we want to help composers reach as many musicians and audiences as possible. Enter qPress, an online trumpet music store that delivers digital sheet music to trumpet players all over the world.  I have also entered into a partnership with Colin Music, the world’s largest trumpet music publisher, to help them create and sell digital copies of their wonderful sheet music catalogue.  Why make the move to digital music?

Carry Your Library

We have all become accustomed to having our digital library of mp3s, movies, and television shows at our fingertips, and qPress is taking the next step to digitize sheet music for the 21st century performer. New devices like the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and dozens more allow us to carry a library of thousands of pieces with us all the time. qPress uses an industry standard format that is guaranteed to work on your device and look sharper and more vivid than ever before.

Organize Your Library

New electronic readers have brought with them a huge selection of eBook organizing software from the biggest names in the industry. It is a joy seeing all of the beautiful cover art on your screen, organized perfectly to suit your tastes. You can easily store your piano parts together to retrieve before performances while keeping your solo parts synced to your mobile device for personal practice. From your digital library you can print out your parts for performance or back them up to secure your investment.

Never Go Without

Smartphones and handheld digital devices have become commonplace, taking advantage of them will allow modern performers the chance to study scores, interpret editions, and hone their craft with luxurious convenience. Hotel rooms, buses, trains, and planes will be our newest practice rooms, making us more productive and more focused as we incorporate our music into our digital lifestyles.