The Reveille Trumpet Collective

What is Reveille?

Reveille is a collective dedicated to exploring new paths for trumpet while connecting performers, composers and audiences in innovative ways. We use commissions and premieres as starting points: opportunities for composers to communicate directly with audiences worldwide, for audiences to interact with artists, and for performers to gain intriguing glimpses into new repertoire. By harnessing the potential of online communication tools, we can launch virtual conversations that are unfettered by distance and vocation.

Reveille was founded in November 2008 by five trumpeters new to the professional world. Our far-flung locations, from Hyogo, Japan to St. John’s, Newfoundland, are a testament to the limitless potential of new communication technologies. We have already built lasting relationships with many composers, and our catalog of premieres includes works by Joan Panetti, Jay Wadley, Eric Nathan, David Snow and Yoshiaki Onishi.

I am so proud to be one of the founding members of the Reveille Trumpet Collective. In our short time together we have facilitated the writing of some amazing trumpet music, put on some great concerts, started a publishing company, hosted an international composition competition, and have had a tonne of fun too!. You can explore videos and audio samples of new works commissioned and arranged by the members of Reveille at our website, on our facebook page, and video produced myself in the “from the studio” blog category.