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For Sale: Yamaha 9636 Eb/D Trumpet

I have always felt that this was the finest horn in my collection. It plays so beautifully free and slots so well on both the Eb and the D side that I am always blown away by it. I pull it out and go through the Duhem studies for D trumpet just so I can have a chance to play it. Why am I selling? I bought the horn and used it for two symphony shows then put it on the shelf. It is essentially brand new, and I feel like it is a waste to have something so good sitting in the case instead of bringing joy to someone. I thought I would put it up for sale, especially since I could always get another in the future. I would never consider a different Eb trumpet than this, especially at the used price, it is an absolute no brainer.

If you are interested send me a message through the contact form with any questions then we can sort out payment. $3000 USD covers everything in the pictures shipped to anywhere in North America. That is $1105 cheaper than the current Dillon Music price. There is no better deal than this.