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Sale: YTR-9445CHS Yamaha C Trumpet

I am currently selling two Yamaha Chicago Artist Model trumpets, this ad is for the C trumpet, model number YTR-9445CHS.

I used this trumpet professionally for 6 years in the Victoria Symphony and it is in wonderful shape. There are the expected mild signs of use, but it has just been returned from an ultrasonic cleaning and polish and looks as good as new.

This also includes a second tuning slide made by Yamaha for this instrument that is a tiny bit shorter, as some players preferred a shorter slide. I used it briefly before moving back to the original once I got more accustomed to the instrument.

Artistic guidance was provided during the design stage by John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Yamaha focused on achieving the ideal blowing resistance and weight balance, and they re-thought every part of the new Chicago trumpet. Yamaha created an instrument that is not simply easy to sound, but also provides delicate response when playing pp and powerful presence when playing ff. Every component of the instrument contains the input of artists from around the world, allowing them to create a highly evolved Chicago trumpet.

If you are interested send me a message through the contact form with any questions then we can sort out payment. $3000 USD covers everything in the pictures shipped to anywhere in North America. That is $1651 cheaper than the current Dillon Music price. There is no better deal than this.

If you are interested in making a deal for the Chicago Bb, Chicago C, and Marcus Bonna Triple Case as a package, we can make a special discount and ship it all together.